Dear friends,

Due to the last events in Catral and Orihuela, a lot of people is asking me to recommend Companies selling Septic Tanks in the area. Sadly, I cannot do this because my professional duties and status BUT, I am hereby opening this Blog post in order to allow you all to share here your experiences, good or bad, the prices of your Septic Tanks, the name of the Company you would or would not recommend to others etc.

Any comments from dealers, companies, etc will be deleted immediately, this is supposed to be a private chat between Catral and Orihuela residents. Also please, take in account that if you live in a different area then, you will need to check out the specific requirements of Septic Tanks in accordance to your Water authorities.

And please, if you still do not know the requirements for the EU and Water Authorities approved Septic Tanks then, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be pleased to help.

Connie Raymundo


Reg.nÂș ICALI 5936