New EU Regulations on Criminal Records.

The European Commission has submitted a proposal to ease the
exchange of information on criminal convictions not only between
Member States of the European Union, as it has been done since
ECRIS was created in 2012, but also between third countries. This
proposal aims to give judges and prosecutor’s efficient tools to fight against
international crime and terrorism taking into account the terrorist threaten that
Europe is facing after the attacks in France.
The proposal will be presented to the Justice and Home Affairs Council to be
discussed and, once the legislative procedure is finished, the Directive will come
into force a year after its publication on the Official Gazette. The Commission is
dealing with new and changing threats and considers paramount an efficient
exchange of comprehensive information which will guarantee Member States’
security, enhance legal cooperation, reduce costs, improve efficiency and the
identification and exchange of digital fingerprints.

By Oana Dragoi – Lawyer at Alicante Solicitors > Raymundo & Hopman.

January 2016