Catastro (SUMA) Revisions. Update your SUMA!

Four Vega Baja Towns (Jacarilla, San Miguel de Salinas, Torrevieja and
Redován), have been recently revised for the Catastro update. Over 2000
infractions were found and denounced in the mentioned Towns due to lack of IBI
payment. This revision not only affects houses, it also involves any other
buildings such as pools, barbecues, etc. Aerial photographs are the tools used to
compare old and brand new constructions.
It is therefore strongly advisable to (get) ensure that your house fits with Catastro
and Land Registry descriptions in order to avoid fines and expensive and time
consuming problems in the near future. Our Law Firm has a large experience in
this field due to our work with the Catral, Orihuela and other Towns legalisation
cases and we would be more than happy to resolve any question you may have
in this regard.

Maria Navarro – Lawyer & Barrister at Alicante Solicitors > Raymundo & Hopman.


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