Dear friends,

Due to the last events in Catral and Orihuela, a lot of people is asking me to recommend Companies selling Septic Tanks in the area. Sadly, I cannot do this because my professional duties and status BUT, I am hereby opening this Blog post in order to allow you all to share here your experiences, good or bad, the prices of your Septic Tanks, the name of the Company you would or would not recommend to others etc.

Any comments from dealers, companies, etc will be deleted immediately, this is supposed to be a private chat between Catral and Orihuela residents. Also please, take in account that if you live in a different area then, you will need to check out the specific requirements of Septic Tanks in accordance to your Water authorities.

And please, if you still do not know the requirements for the EU and Water Authorities approved Septic Tanks then, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be pleased to help.

Connie Raymundo


Reg.nº ICALI 5936



  1. I used a firm called Edarbioclean and I know several others who used them as they were happy with its performance. Phone Steve in Catral on 618 217 793 for more info. and he can probably arrange a visit to see one in action. My unit cost about 5000 euros inc. IVA but I am reliably informed that a slightly cheaper version is now available costing around 4000 euros inc. IVA and which still exceeds the Hydrographica criteria. Prices may vary slightly according to site conditions.
    Maintenance is fairly minimal and cheap to run and all the paperwork and licenses are done by the firm. I suggest the work is best done in the summer months as the tanks are fairly deep and the water tables are lower in summer.

    Hope this helps,


  2. I live in one of the ‘illegal houses’ in Catral. I have installed a septic tank and I have the necessary licence from Hydrografica to confirm it is approved and authorised by them. My neighbours and I banded together and asked reps from the various supply/installation companies to address us. We told them what we wanted and asked them to offer their best price for multiple purchases,making it clear that we expected a bulk purchase would return us a discount. From their bids we then selected a company to do business with and checked this company out by getting references from previous customers. At this stage those companies rejected came back with improved offers. We rejected them on the grounds that they were considered unreliable. – We argued that if a cheaper price was available now it was also available earlier on but they had chosen to try and inflate it.

    Our units were installed and apart from some minor problems have worked satisfactorily since then.

    Our chosen company was Edarbioclean but it no longer exists in its original form. An original representative of the company now undertakes maintenance work, etc., on a ‘pay as you go’ basis and has proved reliable.

    Our units are the AUGUST RK IO brand, approved by Hydrografica and meeting all EU requirements. Purchase/installation costs are approximately 4,900 Euros. – Contact Steve on 618 217 793 for a quote.

    Be careful and do your homework before making a decision. Many of the companies who promised the world when the septic tank issue was at its height no ,longer exist and customers are now left without support.

    Finally, make sure your supplier will deal with ALL the paperwork yout decision to install a septic tank generates. – This includes dealing with the town hall and with Hydrografica – Ask for ALL associated costs for licences, etc., to be included in your quotation.

    Good Luck!!

    John in Catral

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